Stuff I Like

I'm a gay kinky bottom boy and I like getting fucked by a hung guys, chastity, butt toys, briefs, jocks, bondage, spanking, cbt.

I also like age play, diapers, pacifiers, teddy bears, sippy cups etc.

My favorite toy is my fucking machine!

Tumblr is great because you can have all the stuff your into in one place.

The pictures I blog or reblog are of people I find hot. If it is a masculine man then likely I want him to dominate me, if it is of twink/bottom/sub then either I want to top him or I identify with him.


I want to be able to do this some day.

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After the practice comes the private tutoring session at the coach’s house…


After the practice comes the private tutoring session at the coach’s house…

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Briefs and bondage

Briefs and bondage

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when im not wearing diapers of course :p




Perhaps a boy’s greatest weakness: whispering into his ear

Dylan hadn’t even noticed when it first started. His buddy Seth had moved in a few months ago and had somewhat of a dominant personality. At first, Seth asked for little things, like if Dylan wouldn’t mind throwing some of Seth’s clothes in the wash with his. But before long, Dylan was doing all Seth’s laundry, making them both meals, and taking care of whatever else he needed.

But really, Dylan didn’t mind. It made him feel useful and responsible, and he was closer to Seth than anyone he had ever known. Plus, Seth came with perks. Like tonight, Seth just sent Dylan a text saying, “Remember that pussy I’ve been trying to get for the past couple months? I think it’s happening tonight. You need to be in on this.” Dylan was pumped. He and Seth had tag-teamed a few girls before and it was honestly some of the most fun he had ever had. So, he undressed to just his underwear and waited for Seth to bring home the girl he had been raving about for months. Dylan thought it was a little weird that Seth wanted him to join though because he had mentioned wanting to date this girl more than a few times.

Dylan heard Seth come home and the next thing he knew, Seth was in his doorway standing naked. “Dude, take off your underwear,” Seth laughed. Dylan didn’t hesitate to stand up and take them off. The next thing he knew, he felt Seth’s hand on his back, guiding him to bend over on the bed.

In a quivering voice, Dylan asked, “where’s the girl?”

Seth just chuckled and slid a finger into Dylan’s hole. Then, he leaned over and whispered,  “She’s been here all along, and it’s high time I make this pussy mine.”

Dylan moaned in ecstasy at the realization and blurted out, “I love you.”

"I love you too," Seth responded, "You do so much for me, it’s time I give back. I’ll make that pussy feel so good. And I will love, protect, and provide for you. Whaddya say, wanna be my girl?"

"Yes," Dylan responded as he felt Seth’s cock penetrate his hole, changing both of their lives forever. 



ice hockey erotic boy 


ice hockey erotic boy 

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Hey morning my diaper is soaked underneath this hehe

Looking cute, Darth Waddler :)