Stuff I Like

I'm a gay kinky bottom boy and I like getting fucked by a hung guys, chastity, butt toys, briefs, jocks, bondage, spanking, cbt.

I also like age play, diapers, pacifiers, teddy bears, sippy cups etc.

My favorite toy is my fucking machine!

Tumblr is great because you can have all the stuff your into in one place.

The pictures I blog or reblog are of people I find hot. If it is a masculine man then likely I want him to dominate me, if it is of twink/bottom/sub then either I want to top him or I identify with him.




^-^ morning everyone!
Hope u all have a fun day.

U too mister!

Trop mignon

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You know what happens…don’t wiggle your puss in front of me unless you want something in there. You said you were late for class? You’re going to be later if you make me inject a load in you!

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Could you handle THAT?
Rocco Steele fucks Armond Rizzo, the GIFS

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Young boys getting used👊👊👊


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I remember thinking how grown-up I was at 8 years old when I switched from cartoon to white briefs. Now I wear both.


so much envy for that pussyboy right now 

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I love when the tops hole is just as fucking hot as the btms he is destroying

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Now that’s a think I’d like to be on my knees in front of


Now that’s a think I’d like to be on my knees in front of

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When his big brother started to rim his boyhole Timmy didn’t know that his brother now owned him. After that day Timmy would do anything to get his boyhole touched again.