Stuff I Like

I'm a gay kinky bottom boy and I like getting fucked by a hung guys, chastity, butt toys, briefs, jocks, bondage, spanking, cbt.

I also like age play, diapers, pacifiers, teddy bears, sippy cups etc.

My favorite toy is my fucking machine!

Tumblr is great because you can have all the stuff your into in one place.

The pictures I blog or reblog are of people I find hot. If it is a masculine man then likely I want him to dominate me, if it is of twink/bottom/sub then either I want to top him or I identify with him.
He looks like a sweet boy. Hope he has a good Daddy or big brother.


A random picture I took of myself that I couldn’t resist posting. It turned out fantastic :D

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A good boy waiting for Daddy or his friends to use him.

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Party favor waiting for the party to begin

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Every summer I go Faerie camping and Barkley loves it!!!  You get to run around all day padded and there are so many fun activities including tree climbing, communal cooking, dancing, a talent show, costumes, art projects, and nature hikes!!!  Being padded with friends outside is super-great!!!  Have you ever gone camping while padded?

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Later Daddy pulled my diaper down and spanked me. 40 per cheek, and another 5 per cheek with the belt. It’s what little boys get when they make stickies without Daddy’s permission.

Nice and red

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so cute :3

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My bro took this of me last night! He checked me as well… I was wet!

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Super little and super padded :P

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Wanna be his older brother.


Wanna be his older brother.

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